Various Artists - Invisible Soundtracks Volume II

Invisible Soundtracks Volume II

Various Artists

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12" Vinyl EP 6 tracks £3.99


Various Artists - Invisible Soundtracks Volume II

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This is the second volume of Invisible Soundtracks, The Leaf Label's intermittent project that gathers strands of vistic sounds from eclectic, contemporary artists. Our aim is to harvest image-provoking tone-tales instead of simple abstract ambience. All tracks are recorded exclusively for this project.

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12" Vinyl EP (REEL 2)
  1. Ronnie & Clyde - Chicken Dinner
  2. Vendor Refill - Pendulum
  3. Richard Thomas - Intrusion By Witness
  4. Beddouin Ascent - If Mountains Could Sing
  5. Richard Thomas - Muffin Spencer-Devlin|Hawaii II
  6. Seymour|Van Hoen - Tema